The Dusk Elves, who refer to themselves as the Yuanti, have a culture based on two tenets: a fanatical devotion to their God Kydus and an overwhelming certainty of their own racial superiority. For many centuries these children of Kydus were one of the greatest civilizations on the face of Marai. Many of the important early advances in agriculture, magic and technology came from the Yuanti and their dominion covered much of North Nurai which is now the Shen Empire.

At first the Yuanti paid little mind to the small groups of Human refugees living on the outskirts of their civilization. Kydus provided for Yuanti lives of decadent excess and the lower races were beneath their notice. They did not even take pause when those early Shen began to make advances in technology. The few who noticed that the Shen were starting to surpass them in many fields dismissed the danger. The common belief was that since Kydus did not provide the Shen’s knowledge, they could not possibly have anything worth knowing. They continued to believe this up until the point the Shen began to subsume their own territory. The Yuanti were completely unprepared.

The Yuanti-Shen war has lasted centuries and the Humans are undoubtedly winning the conflict. The Dusk Elves have been reduced to living as little more than savages on the outskirts of the Shen civilization. It is only their love of Kydus and their hate of the Shen which sustains them. The Yuanti take particular issue with the fact that many of their holiest sites are now in possession of their mortal enemy. Forced to using guerrilla tactics against a more powerful foe, the Yuanti have become excellent skirmishers, using terror and assassination to achieve their goals.

Dusk Elves are serpentine, usually with darker hues of red, black, brown, and green. They do not grow hair, their ears are no longer visible, and they have instead grown long tails that they often use to an advantage in combat. The Yuanti prefer loose fitting clothing and light weapons.

Yuanti Racial Traits:

Ability Score: +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 feet (6 squares)

Vision: Low-Light

Strong Mind: +2 Willpower vs. Enchantment spells

Elven Awareness: +2 Perception

Tail Slap: Yuanti are adept as using their tails to produce devastating blows. The tail may be used in lieu of any other attack, dealing 1d8 points of damage.

Automatic Languages: Shadree and Elven

Favored Class: Ranger


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