Sol Linaru

The Magister, Father Star, The Creator

Symbol: Staff and Sun

Colors: Yellow and Brown

Portfolio: Invention, Literature, Magic, the Sun

Worshipers: Wizards, Actors, Artists

Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Sun

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff (“Four Winds”)

Sol Linaru was the first God to appear from the Void, his birth creating the universe, and the world of Marai. He is also the Father of Magic, granting mortals the ability to perform astonishing feats, though he has had to limit that power. Each day, he warms Marai, bringing light and nutrients. He inspires men to create songs, Pakiri to invent contraptions, and Elves to pen sweeping dramas. Sol Linaru created all things, and passed some of that divine spark onto his children.

Sol Linaru

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