Sea Elf

Deep in the trenches of the Sea of Light, the Coral Keep of Ariyillion, calls each new day with a song to Ilsidelius. The devotion of the Ilsiren to the Wave Mistress is as fervent as the Orcashir to their dark Lord. The Ilsiren, however, are different in nearly every way, including their grasp of the power of chaos and freedom, and in particular, their haunting voices. To them, there is nothing more powerful than living for the waves, and nothing expresses that as well as music of the spheres.

Their skin varies from blue to green, with hair and eyes matching the colors of coral. They have webbed feet and hands, preferring simple weapons such as the spear for day to day defense.

Ilsiren 4e Race: Genasi (Water Only)

Ilsiren 3.5 Stats

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Sea Elf

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