At one time, the Pakiri were considered to be little more than garbage collectors. They would often scour human and elven civilizations for any bits of refuse, scurrying away. It wasn’t until the great Daboure asked for their assistance did the world begin to understand of what the Pakiri were capable; and that was steamworks; fantastical engines and contraptions powered by the trash the other civilizations leave behind.

In addition, the concept of Pakiri collections came to light; large accumulations of one object, each catalogued and recorded, used as a denotation of station in Pakiri society. A Pakiri without a collection, be it spoons, thimbles, or scraps of cloth, is considered to be an outcast.

Pakiri live in warrens, usually dug into existing hills, with scraps of metal arranged in patterns surrounding an entrance. The largest room in a warren is always reserved for the work shop, which the clan works diligently to maintain and support. Warrens can also be found in the sewers, abandoned houses, and caves – any place that allows a group of Pakiri to work together in a creation. Pakiri and Dwarves have a special relationship and are often found in Dwarven communities.

Pakiri appear as anthropomorphic Chihuahuas, standing no taller than 3’0. Their fur is usual a solid color, and most often brown, though hues of red and grey are not unheard of. Their eyes are always dark brown, and their ears are sharply pointed. Their arms are wiry, and end in a normal hand, and their legs are large for their size due to the Pakiri’s amazing ability to jump. Most other races find it difficult to tell two Pakiri apart.

Pakiri language is comprised of single syllable words, with the pitch and place in a sentence denoting the meaning of a word more than the word itself. To the casual observer, their language simply sounds like yapping.

Pakiri Racial Traits:

Ability Score: -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom

Size: Small; +1 Armor Class, +1 Attack, +4 Hide in Shadows, Small weapons, ¾ lifting and carrying.

Speed: 20 feet

Vision: Low-Light

Weapon Proficiency: Long spear, short spear

Agile: Pakiri receive a +2 bonus to all checks which rely on movement using Dexterity, such as balance, jump, or climb.

Quick: Pakiri receive a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.

Excellent Jumpers: Once per encounter, a Pakiri may reroll a Jump skill check, taking the best result. Pakiri do not suffer any penalties for size when using the Jump skill. Jump is always a class skill.

Engineers: +2 Knowledge (Engineering)

Automatic Languages: Pakiri, Dwarven, Shadree

Favored Class: Rogue


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