Dark Father, Unholy King, Black Claw

Symbol: Red Circle

Colors: Red and Black

Portfolio: Evil, Hatred, Murder, Oppression

Worshipers: Assassins, Tyrants, Orcashir

Domains: Evil, Hatred, Inquisition, Suffering

Favored Weapon: Tri-hook (“Righteous Claw”)

It is the sound of murdered children which pleases the Dark Father the most. He delights in the screams of the innocent and the cries of the defeated. Each failure brings him power and each murder brings him joy. No one knows of what the Black Claw truly desires, though some believe his plots are so complex that only he can see the way of the working world

The church of Ortar, however, is highly organized and is ruled by Prince Thurlis Dredge, though no one has ever seen him. Through his edicts, Prince Dredge assassinates, manipulates, and employs espionage in the hopes of destabilizing entire regions, all in the name of the Unholy King.

Ortar is the creator of the Orcashir, whom he created to wreak havoc upon the creations of Sol Linaru and Ilsidelius.

Since the Long Dark, priests of Ortar have found their prayers ignored and their abilities silenced.


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