Order of the Cerulean Star

As written by the great Bard, Gellor Keegan.

Many are the tales written of the Order of the Cerulean Star, and indeed some of them border on the fantastical. As it happens with many larger than life figures, the exploits of the members of this fabled group have grown beyond legend to truly mythical status. What is fact and what is fiction? Did they really choose their name because on the night they met the setting Father Star flashed a brilliant blue? Yes! Is it true that after they recovered the legendary Staff of Daboure for the University that the Queen herself was brought to tears by the recounting of their harrowing journey? Indubitably! How do I know all of this? Well loyal readers, the veracity of my account is unquestionable for it was I who originally introduced the world to their incredible adventures. Yes back then I was a simple student at the University looking for a grand tale to tell, not the world famous weaver of epics that I have become. Yes ladies and gentlemen, my accounts are wholly true because I knew them! They allowed me to sit with them in friendship and scribe down every detail of their accomplishments so that you could benefit by learning what true heroism consists of. Of course, everyone knows the details of their great adventures, but one must ask the question: Who were they?

Derek Journeyman
Steady… Compassionate… Wise…
Derek was a simple blacksmith working at a temple of Sol Linaru… the Father Star. He defied the odds and the Church by rising above his station and becoming a Cleric. Although he never meshed well with Church politics, Derek was a keenly devout man. He was the de-facto leader of the group; even though such responsibility made him uncomfortable, he was a born leader and the rest of the Order unconsciously looked to him for guidance.

Cindra Swordsong
Fiery… Capable… Passionate…
Cindra is perhaps the only Half-Elf ever to receive training at the fabled Spiral Tower of the Ghost Elves. Such was the strength of her personality and the power of her conviction that she overcame racial adversity and was initiated into their mysterious ranks. An expert at wielding sword and magic simultaneously, Cindra was considered to have possessed the finest tactical mind produced by the Ghost Elves in a millennium!

Yuran Steelforge
Devout… Loyal… Honorable…
It is no secret that for the Brenak Dwarves, loyalty to one’s clan is paramount. When the rare Dwarf is called by the God Valor to become one of his Paladins, that individual is faced with the impossible task of choosing between loyalty to the clan and duty to the God. Yuran was faced with such a choice at a young age and although it broke his heart, he left his clan to venture out into the world and fight evil. Always the moral compass of the Order, Yuran did his best to keep his companions fighting the good fight.

Enrai Halfbreed
Enigmatic… Stoic… Centered…
The Orcashir baby that would grow up to be Enrai was left on the doorstep of an inn somewhere in the barren north. Shunned and mistreated by the simple Tuusst, his life probably would have been grim had he not encountered a strange wanderer, who took him on as an apprentice. Under his master’s tutelage, Enrai trained in a combat style that was suspiciously similar to the techniques used by the mysterious Fatasim. Was he actually a member? He never said… in fact rarely did he utter a word at all, but because of the great wisdom he possessed, when he chose to speak… all who knew him stopped to listen.

Cocky… Flamboyant… Borderline Psychotic…
Cort was a rare Keelo in the fact that he did not embrace magic. There are those who say that he was not quite right in the head for he chose to leave his people and live on the streets of the Port… simply because he thought it would be fun. Stealth and guile were his weapons of choice, along with an unending supply of daggers. Indeed it is widely believed that he was the deadliest creature in the world when armed with those small blades.

So there you have it. Five disparate misfits… one incredible destiny. They banded together and changed the world with their bravery. Soon it shall be ten years since their mysterious disappearance… is it any coincidence that it coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Long Dark? Where were they during those fateful three days? Why have they not returned?

These are momentous times my friends… dark things are stirring, indescribable things. With the Order missing for so long one must ask the inevitable question:

What will the world do without heroes?

Order of the Cerulean Star

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