New Calendar

Marai: The Long Dark campaign began on 5 Umbanth 444, The Breath of Ilsidelius.
Marai: The Lost Wand campaign began 20 Helius 445, The Flight of Ilsidelius.
Marai: The Last God campaign began 15 Kolanth 446, The Shadow of Ilsidelius.
Torlind: The Land of the Dead campaign began on 12 Helius 401, The Light of Ilsidelius.

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Created over 400 years ago, the New Calendar is the culmination of astrological studies and scientific advances conducted by researchers at University Daboure in the Habrin Empire. Though it was originally created specifically for that region, it quickly spread throughout the Four Colonies of Shadree as the standard method of tracking the passage of days.

The New Calendar year is 392 days long, with an adjustment of one additional day required every five years. This day is treated as being outside the Calendar and is referred to as the Forgotten Day, traditionally used a day of Forgiveness and the nullification of contracts or dissolution of marriage. The Forgotten Day occurs in the 5th and 10th year of each decade.

There are fourteen months. Summer and Winter each receive four months, and Spring and Autumn receive three. Each year begins on the day where the Father Star is at His highest point in the sky, in the middle of Summer.

Finally, each month is named after one of the Gods, the Elemental Lords, or one of the Four Dragons, with the exception of Ortar, Lord of Hate. Below are the names of the months, the season to which they belong, and the number of days within. There are no names for individual days of the week, and dates are written as a numerical value, followed by the month, followed by the year.

Month Season Days
Sunthis Summer 28
Valthis 28
Kolanth Autumn 28
Umbanth 28
Taranth 28
Ilsiandi Winter 28
Kysandi 28
Nerandi 28
Faulandi 28
Valian Spring 28
Welian 28
Helius 28
Pythis Summer 28
Oethis 28
The Forgotten Day Every 5 Years 1

In addition to the Habrinel New Calendar, the ancient Elven Lunar Calendar is also used to track important Elven religious holidays. Based on the High Moon of Ilsidelius, each Lunar Month is 23 nights long, with most important ceremonies being performed in the 23rd and 1st days of each Lunar month. In the Lunar month, each night is named individually, the calendar enjoys some crossover in worship by non-elven races. The name of each night ends with “of Ilsidelius,” so, the 3rd night of the Lunar Month would be “The Glow of Ilsidelius.”

There are two particularly special days within the Elven Lunar Calendar. The day of the Heart of Ilsidelius, or Full Moon, is referred to as “The Embrace of Ilsidelius.” This day is most often used for special feasts and celebrations.

The second important day, known as “The Peace of Ilsidelius” is the day of The Dream of Ilsidelius, or New Moon. Within the religion of Ilsidelius, this day is used for meditation, introspection, and deep prayer.

Both the Embrace and the Peace have begun to be recognized in other cultures, though most Elves feel the others races have no respect for the origin of these days.

Night Name Night Name
1 The Heart 13 The Sorrow
2 The Light 14 The Shadow
3 The Glow 15 The Secret
4 The Star 16 The Flight
5 The Wind 17 The Search
6 The Breath 18 The Flicker
7 The Thought 19 The Spirit
8 The Whisper 20 The Gaze
9 The Prayer 21 The Reach
10 The Respite 22 The Touch
11 The Sleep 23 The Life
12 The Dream

New Calendar

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