Endless Breeze, Silent Scream, Last Whisper

Symbol: Red Disc with White Cross

Colors: White and Red

Portfolio: Death, Fate, Seasons, Time

Worshipers: Druids, Farmers, Prophets, Mourners

Domains: Death, Fate, Time, Weather

Favored Weapon: Sickle (“Final Strike”)

“The last whisper is to Kol” is a popular saying among the people of Marai, showing that death takes us all. She also gives a constant reminder that change will come in all things. While most choose to save worship for her during funerals, some find the cleric of Kol to represent prophecies and destiny as well.

Another group of those devoted to Kol, the red-robed Fatesim, are considered to be omens of impending doom, having taken a vow of silence, unless to offer a warning. It is believed that if the warning is heeded, the fate may change. Most, however, are simply not that lucky.


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