Blue Crown, Wave Mistress, Mother Moon

Symbol: Silver Half Moon crossed with Blue-Tipped Spear

Colors: Blue and Silver

Portfolio: Elves, the Moon, Life, Oceans

Worshipers: Elves, Healers, Sailors

Domains: Elf, Healing, Moon, Ocean

Favored Weapon: Spear (“Moon Beam”)

Considered to be the mother of the Elves, Ilsidelius is represented by the Moon of Marai, and watches over the Oceans and Life in general. She is worshiped by sailors, navigators, healers, and those who seek solace and sanctuary. She is the lover of Sol Linaru, the Father Star who watches over magic, and is the mother of The Twins: Valor, God of Justice, and Valera, Goddess of Love. Finally, she is the creator of the Four Dragons, whom she created to guard Marai in times of great need.

She asks little of her worshipers, preferring to allow them to find their own paths. That is one of the most prevalent teachings in her church – that each person has their own path to follow.


Marai: The Long Dark Noshmek Noshmek