Episode 4

Episode 4: “Two Sides”

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5th of Terranth 444 NC

As Nakiri arrives, he shouts at Gellor, accusing him of betrayal and stating that after he deals with “this pathetic attempt at an trap” he will be returning to Freeport to kill all his “professor friends”.

The true story of Gellor Keegan is very different from the assumptions of the party. After the attack began, Gellor contacted Langduin, terrified of the portents, and asking what Connor knew. He had long suspected that the Cerulean Star was somehow involved with the Long Dark, and the arrival of the armies confirmed it. Bragging that he could use his connections to get Langduin and a few others out of the Port despite the seige, Gellor guided the group to the docks and true to his word, secured travel.

Arriving in Freeport, however, was a little more problematic as all Habrinel were arrested on sight. In order to delay their execution, Gellor offered knowledge of a great treasure that would be useful to the Harbingers, but that the person who could find it was somewhere on Ursanami, and that only he could find him. And so, he traveled, with the Naktu druid and the troops in tow, to attempt to find Connor, and tell him he had to rescue Langduin. Of course, after he was found by the Ice Giants, and found Connor in the presence of people he didn’t know, he was still wary of the intentions of Connor’s comrades.

Arriving at the wall, he signaled Nakiri to enter with his troops, in the hope that Connor could somehow prove to be his parent’s son and defeat the forces that would kill the Habrinel gossiper and the other professors.

After a tense battle, the party is able to defeat the druid and his new recruits.

They find orders on the druid’s body: Take Gellor to find the treasure.

Gellor tells of the concentration camps where the non Tuusst are being held.

Recipe for opening the Earth Portal – Must be poured on the pole while it is wrapped.

  • 1 Star Sapphire – crushed
  • 2 Blue Diamond – crushed
  • Blood of a Remorhaz
  • Blessing of a Valeran Elf
  • on the Mount of Sol

Connor takes the Book of Tathrinel, which is impervious to the passage of time, but is not magical. His armor returns, but does not fit as well.

Jogaila watches as his nephew, Arpiocles, is killed by Thrush. As he dies, he asks Jogaila to take him to his mother.

The following items were found on the corpse of the Harbinger Druid.
  • Anklet of Protection from Dishonesty: This silver braided snake can barely reach it’s tail. Two emerald eyes seem to shine in the dark. +6 Sense Motive.
  • Cobra Headed Scimitar: The blade appears unimpressive, but the hilt a copper and gold cobra. The hilt is more magical than the blade.

8th of Terranth 444 NC

Entering Great Bear see Yuanti Monk – head Annelise – Husband to Carus. Annelise tells of Djiri and is told of Arpiocles’ death. She argues about the New God, and his offer of revenge against the Tornagh for “destroying Tanno.” She explains that both Carus and Arpiocles agreed to join the Djirans for the promise of 1gp pay per month. Carus is currently traveling through The Hush to present a “firey egg” to the Tornagh Senate, as part of a retallitory strike against the Ice Giants. As Jogaila tells Annelise about her son, she becomes distraught and tells him to leave after being presented with Arpiocles’ ashes.

They steal a longship and vandalize the dock, placing the head of the Harbinger Druid, with warnings about the Djirans written in chalk.

9th of Terranth 444 NC

Stopping in Poldatyn, the characters try to stop a mob from killing Oomingmak but only save one. When a challenge is then issued, a strange Naktu woman, claiming to be a “different kind” of Fatesim approaches, with an electrified Naktu whip and a jambiya, and answers Jogaila’s call – saying that he needed to prove himself if he’s going to lead the people.

XP: 2300

Episode 4

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