Episode 3

Episode 3: “Myrikin’s Wall”

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25th Umbanth 444 NC

The attempt to move through the Black Wall is not without consequence. Watseka says the child spoke within her head. Thrush hears within his head from his children “Seek revenge for us.” and is no longer affected by the coming wall. He instead, gains new abilities.

1st of Taranth 444 NC

Reaching Flimn, Thrush receives a vision of a man killing a pregnant dwarven woman, and is determined to destroy the man who he believes to have done this deed. As he fires down, he destroys the man utterly, but draws the attention of the harbingers in town. As a way of dealing with them, they convince Ching Lan to start an avalanche using her fire powers, but she is swept up into it. Thrush, leaping over to save her, displays wings of shadow to stop her fall.

After the avalanche, they soothe a polda, hook up an ushming, and begin to travel to Kanko Torus. Chang Lan begins to doubt her ability to continue to travel with the group.

2nd of Taranth 444 NC

Arriving out the outskirts of Kanko Torus, they discover the unmoving metallic forms of dwarves affected by the horrific Iron Plague. Birds swarm in all directions, flying to land on the heads of the paralyzed dwarves and pecking their eyes out for an easy meal. Horrified, the group attempts to find a dwarf with eyes still intact, and rescue him by placing him in the ushming and taking him to the town.

Arriving, they discover, however that Harbringers are there as well, pushing the dwarves off precipices and casually taking whatever they wish out of the hands of the dying dwarves. The party first encounters a small patrol and makes quick work of them, but are lead to believe that there are more ahead. While Thrush begins a quick perusal of the area, the others attempt to bandage their wounds, and help as many of the ironized dwarves as possible. Thrush returns with a report, and they decide to move ahead despite the warnings, and walk headlong into an ambush.

Archers on roofs fire down upon them, and a wizard and Yuanti monk bring upon a deadly assault. Only the quick thinking of the team’s leader, Jogaila, convinces the party to move into one of the houses. While there is a Harbringer inside, it is the tiny Watseka who unleashes and quickly dispatches the threat. Further, the Wu Jen Ching Lan, using her mastery over fire, dispels an attempt by the Harbringer wizard to start the house on fire. Recognizing that the Harbringer can not succeed in battling through the bottleneck of the door, the Yuanti Monk orders a swift retreat. The wizard, slow to react, is taken down due to a simple mistake, and a magical wand is found in his lifeless hand.

3rd of Taranth 444 NC

Gorgos Stonespell’s elixer changes him into a warforged creature – the only way the curse can be lifted. Ching Lan stays with Gorgos to help him cure his people.

Watseka is told in her head “He must get to the wall” – and they leave, in the middle of the worst Blizzard the continent has ever seen.

As the night progresses, their polda dies due to the intense cold, and find themselves stranded. The singing of an Snow Hag begins to ring out, but the group is rescued by the Tornagh Ice Giant, Korg, who brings them back to a protective cave for a night filled with drinking and debauchery. Jogaila finds himself catching the eye of Shienne, a Tornagh Druid who is also the wife of Korg. Despite all this, Jogaila finds himself waking up next to the Druidess. Korg later returns with another stranded traveler – a person known very well to Connor, the Master Gossiper, Gellor Keegan.

5th of Teranth 444 NC

Reaching the path leading to Myrkin’s Wall, they discover an illusionary wall.

“My dear Connor. If you have triggered this message, then we have failed. Though I can not know how long it has been since we left, know that my heart cried of missing you each of those days. To you, Langduin, my husband and I thank you for protecting and guiding Connor to this place.

1000 years ago, the Goddess Kol had a vision, a foretelling of a time when a great evil would come to Marai, using horrific armies that would devour the world. In her wisdom, she instructed her most faithful, the Fatesim, to spirit away items of great power to be used in the coming war. She also instructed the three sects of Angels, the Ilgar, the Malfiri, and the Tulari, to vanish from the world. Finally, she persuaded the great Dragons to enter other realms which she had fashioned, to protect them from harm, and ensure they could be brought forth to fight this evil.

This evil is a child forcibly conceived in the womb of Valera by the Unholy King. When news of the pregnancy reached the ears of the Father Sun, he knew Kol had accurately witnessed the future and that only woe would come from such a child’s birth.

The first attempts to destroy the child met with failure, and the Gods soon realized that it was amassing a power greater than any other possessed. Sol Linaru knew that the battle would not only be fought among the stars, but also by the people of Marai. And so he came to us, and the Cerulean Star was formed, with the task of finding the hidden places of Kol, and the keys that would free the Dragons.

But the child was born, and within moments, it destroyed its Father, Ortar. The Black Claw was no more. In a desperate gamble, the Magister sacrificed his own godhood to strip the child of its own. It was then necessary to send us, and other skilled and powerful people of Marai, to defeat this evil once and for all. And as I said, if you are here, then we have failed and the armies have come.

So now, our task falls to you, Connor. You are the last Cerulean Star, the last to hold the responsibility given to us by Father Star himself. I am sorry that your father and I cannot see how you have grown, and I am sorry that we are placing such a heavy burden upon you. We have given to you keys that will help you on your journey; the armor, the lute, and the whip. It is imperative that you release the Dragons, imperative that you stop the Child.

The fatesim will attempt to stop you. The armies will attempt to destroy you. And beware the child, for it will destroy you, and all of Marai with you.

I love you Connor, and I am sorry. Stay with the light, my son.”

Twenty five Harbingers storm into the room.

xp 2050

Episode 3

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