Entry Eight

Empress Mei Li

Mei Li,

It is out of compassion and hope that I write this letter. I was guided by my mentor and friend, Thaenadir, to try to make wise decisions to help strengthen my people and friends. Yet, as I sit here in Kamder tonight, I stare out the window over a very different land than I knew before. The ‘trivial’ things I taught them to help them and show my thanks forty years ago seems to have blown up in front of me. In fear of the other actions I thought trivial, I am compelled to beg your forgiveness. I tried to guide Jogaila in his decision of the future of you and your people. By ‘interfering’, I pray I have / will cause minimal pain and anguish. Please know that I was only trying to help. The three of you will continually be in my prayers and I will do my best to make sure your husband returns to you. Hopefully, your life will be long and enjoyable together.


everything in this color has been obscured from the view of everyone else

I am guilty of trying to direct Jogaila, allowing him to chose your future. I may be the reason you are having twins instead of one child. I held thoughts against the future of your marriage and even family. I did not fight hard enough to save your sister, even from herself. The children of Penglai … too much death and hatred. Trying to become wise is a painful and ugly road. Please forgive me

Entry Eight

Marai: The Long Dark Noshmek Jenna