Entry 5

If I wasn’t so annoyed with the Gods at the moment I would probably be praising them…

Jogaila has chosen to go with us to release Helius Nelivar. For the first time since learning about my true nature I am feeling the beginnings of hope. That is not to say that I think we have an easy road ahead of us though. Cort is unlike any foe we have ever faced and we must be very careful or we will most certainly fail.

We need to think and not just react. Too often have we just jumped into a situation only to find that everything we thought to be true was just the opposite. Mei Li is a perfect example of this. We thought we would be facing a power-hungry Empress, and instead we discover a scared girl under Ortar’s control. I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been for her, to be forced to do unspeakable things and to have no free will. I suspect she must have felt a little like Scapino.

I remember how Cort used to tell me those stories when I was a boy; Scapino was a marionette who was brought to life by magic. All he wanted was to live a happy life and to make friends. His foul-hearted puppeteer, however, discovered that he could still control his creation so he forced Scapino to do terrible things to everyone he met… Now that I think about it… those were horribly inappropriate stories to tell a five-year-old.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those simpler days, where my Uncle Cort would tell me stories… But he’s crossed a line now and he must pay for what he has done to the children of Pengli. Part of me still can’t accept that he could do something so… evil. Yes, he was always a little unhinged, but never would I have thought him capable of such atrocities. I guess it shows how much of an influence the rest of the Order had on him, and how far he has fallen in the last ten years without them.

Enough of my musings though. I need to go now and make amends to my companions… my friends. If we are to succeed, we must begin anew. I only hope they will forgive me. There is work to do… and decisions to make.

Now if only I could get my mind of the subjects off temporal theory and the motivations of an evil god…

Entry 5

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