10 Things Tuusst

Living on the edge of the winter desert known as The Hush, the Tuusst have eked out a living that impresses even the heartiest of the sentient races. The following is a list of every day, common points of knowledge a PC from Tuusst would know.

10. If you want to survive in The Hush, find a tribe of Oomingmak and make a deal.

9. The way to a Ursanami Centaur’s heart is through his stomach, particularly Tuusshan Stonecrab Pie.

8. It is faster, easier and safer to travel by skaldship than use overland trails, but often only the wealthy or well connected can afford this.

7. Hush Goblins can burrow beneath the snow and prefer to ambush their prey.

6. Elk and Polda not only make good sleigh-pullers, but also good stew. Unfortunately, Frost Drakes find Polda tasty as well.

5. The Red-Robed Fatesim claim to receive their visions from Kol herself, but the Church of Kol deny any connection.

4. Always watch your coin purse around a Kanko. They usually prefer the easy way out, and your livelihood is no exception.

3. The Ice Giants of the Tornagh Dynasty are not true giants, simply tall humanoids who are immune to the cold. They still consider the Republic of Tuusst their property, though they rarely attempt to force the issue.

2. The Tornagh Dynasty granted all Tuusst their freedom on Mianth 2, 220 NC. Umbanth 2 is now known as Shackle Day, and is traditionally a day of rest. The town of Freeport was founded on Sunthis 22, 222 NC. Known as the Fivey-Twos, it is another national festival day, celebrated with raucous parties, extravagant feasts, and often contracts and marriages are finalized and performed.

1. We live in the Republic of Tuusst, call ourselves Tuusst, but refer to the things we produce as Tuusshan. i.e. a Tuusst bakes Tuusshan pie.

10 Things Tuusst

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